At present, our company processes wastes according to the waste catalogue, with catalogue numbers:

Type Designation of waste Category
16 01 03 used tyres O
19 12 04 plastic materials and rubber (only rubber from mechanic processing of wastes) O
19 12 12 other wastes including mixed materials from mechanic waste processing indicated as other wastes in 19 12 11 (crushed tires only) O

Decision number A 2009/02353-03 Cse, issued by the District Environmental Office in Dunajská Streda for recycling waste plastics and elastomeric materials R3 gives us authorisation to process 15000 tons of waste pre year.
29.5.2014: OU-DS-OSZP-2014/006616-02 Crg

Price list

of waste recovery

Waste disposal price list
valid from 01.01.2022

16 01 03 end-of-life tyres
Category I. Only passenger vehicle tyres 120,- €/t without VAT
Category II. Only truck tyres 150,- €/t without VAT
Category III. Delivery includes tyres with rims, agricultural tyres, mix (passanger+truck+agricultural tyres) – quantity according to the agreement 190,- €/t without VAT
Unsorted PKW + LKW 190,- €/t without VAT
Shredded tires (19 12 04) 70,- €/t without VAT
Surcharge for dirt
(mud, soil, sand, stone, etc.)
120,- €/t without VAT