About the company Dron Industries

The mission of the company is to offer a worldwide solution for recycling of hydrocarbon waste. At the tire processing, thanks to innovative technology and continuous development, we are taking into account the social, economic and environmental requirements. Worn tires do create a huge environmental burden. DRON Industries has developed a technology that efficiently processes this over-encumbering waste.

DRON Industries was established in 2001 with the aim to develop environmentally and economically profitable technology. This technology does valorise hydrocarbon-based waste fractions, which works also under operating conditions. This innovative technology received the "Golden Ant" award in 2011 in the category of innovative solutions.

Thanks to the professional commitment and enduring work, a patented procedure called “DTC” was created. Using this procedure, worn tires can be valorised in accordance with the set requirements and by production of valuable end products.

We do produce full-value products from the waste subjected to recovery, especially from worn tires. The products produced are highly competitive and well tradable in view of the market requirements of the industry, energy production and the regulatory environment.

Main products:
1. Liquid fractions of DRON oil (DO)
2. Solid fraction of DRON coke (DK)
3. Gas DRON gas (DP)
4. Steel cords DRON steel cords (DOK)

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