Dron Industries Den Zeme 4

Earth Day better to say the Earth month for Dunajská Streda.

21. March 2019

April 22 is the International Earth Day and was created in response to widespread environmental damage.

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Dron Industries Fórum V Belehrade 2

Forum of new investment options and technological solutions for solid waste and wastewater.

12. March 2019

The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Belgrade organized a conference on March 7, 2019, where our company DRON Industries s.r.o. was invited to.

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Gudrónové Jamy 34 350X233

Cooperation of PTCHEM s.r.o - DRON Industries s.r.o. in disposal of the environmental burden caused by goudrons.

04. February 2019

Goudron is a soft, natural, toxic asphalt. It is formed as a by-product of petroleum treatment by sulphuric acid. These remains were usually placed in dumping sites (landfills) – in wide open space. Forming of these dumping sites has begun in the 60s of the last century.

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Dron Industries Recyklacia Pneumatik

DRON Industries s.r.o. has fulfilled the goals by the Environmental Fund.

16. January 2019

Our company entered into a contractual relationship on August 2, 2012 with the "Recycling Fund" currently the "Environmental Fund" to provide a non-refundable grant for the project: Evaluation of worn tires and autofluff.

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Dron Industries Navsteva

Visitors from china.

22. November 2018

Shortly after the introduction of our technology at IMPORT EXPO 2018 in Shanghai, we had a visit from abroad.

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