Liquid fractions

DRON renewable Oil (DRON) - Can be used in several fields of industry. With regards to its parameters, it is a product similar to industrial heat- ing oil (6/120) quality. It can be used as a base material in petrochemis- try and – after distillation – as an energy liquid for heat generation and as a fuel in diesel aggregators or – further distilled – it can be used for complementing the EU required mandatory bio component of car fuels.


Solid fractions - coke

DRON industrial Carbon (DiCA) - Also called activated carbon, pro- duced in the form of fine black dust. It consists of 82% carbon, 10% ash and 8% water. It has a wide range of applications. DRON Industrial Car- bon is used as a feedstock for heat production. After further processing it can be used as a filter component (waste water treatment facilities) and as a rubber mixture additive in tire manufacturing or as one of the essential base materials of paint production. Considering its energy content and regulatory status, it is suitable for producing excellent al- ternative fuel by adding it to waste based materials.



DRON industrial Gas (DiG) - The gas product of the recovery process that’s used for heat generation and energy supply directly within the recovery plants themselves.


Steel cords

DRON Steel Wires (DSW) - Small, thin fibre steel wires. The metal wires found in tires that – after output from the technology and following possible compression – provide valuable feedstock for the metallurgical industry due to their metal content, thus replacing the purchase of part of the additives used in steel manufacturing.

Steel cords